You might be a Raynaud’s sufferer if…

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Raynaud’s Syndrome is no joke... BUT

You might be a Raynaud’s sufferer if…

You have fingers/toes that color coordinate with the US flag...all colors at the same time!

Your children are playing outside in the summer & they want you to put your hands on them to cool them off.

You have no issue wearing Uggs in the summer.

Your smartphone can’t recognize your touch because your fingers are subzero.

Your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. begs you to not touch them in bed with those “icy things”!

Those same significant others demand you put on socks...only to find out that you already have a pair on! “How is that possible??!!!??”

And my personal favorite...

All of the above can happen in August in Georgia!!

Am I making fun of someone with this condition?  NO

Am I exaggerating the above experiences to get a laugh?  NO

I have Raynaud’s Syndrome and have suffered with the symptoms for the past 30 years.  These are genuinely my true experiences and believe me, I could go on and on!!!

The actual “funny” part is that, like many others, I did no research or see a doctor about Raynaud’s for decades.  My mother had it and I just thought it was something I had to live with.


Thanks to COVID-19 (quarantine, virus & longhaulers!) I found myself on a personal health journey.  I began to research Raynaud’s and how to treat my symptoms.  I have an avid interest in natural products and began researching essential oils that could help.  My fiance and business partner has a background in the natural products industry.  Together we were able to formulate a MSM cream that has the highest amount of therapeutic grade essential oils possible to help relieve the symptoms of Raynaud’s Syndrome.

At Tamed Organics, our goal is to take a Holistic approach to obtain relief from the symptoms of Raynaud’s Syndrome.  To do that you have to understand what is actually happening inside your body to obtain optimal results.  That pair of socks alone will not solve the problem!

Our GOALS for Raynaud's Symptom Relief Cream

-Open blood vessels to help improve circulation, thus reducing the frequency & severity of attacks.

-Reduce inflammation and stiffness in joints

-Calm and relax spasmodic blood vessel attacks

-Help regenerate damaged skin caused by limited blood flow to affected areas

I am not going to give you the exciting announcement that there is a cure...there is no cure.  So what do we do if there is no cure?  PREVENT, TREAT, REPEAT!!  I am sure you are wondering what I mean by that and I will be glad to explain. 

PREVENT the triggers of a Raynaud’s attack by:

Wear warm clothing or keep an emergency bag in your car, desk at work, etc. that includes a light jacket, scarf, gloves & socks. This may sound ridiculous in the summer, however, an attack can be triggered by air-conditioning.  Be prepared so that you are not stuck in a miserable situation.

De-stress your life.  I can literally hear the sarcastic laughter and eye-rolling coming through the computer!  So much easier said than done, right??  None of us can fully remove stress from our lives, however, we can do a few things to help.  Some examples could be exercise such as yoga, carving out a few quiet minutes of your day to be alone or using a diffuser with a relaxing blend of essential oils.  Everyone is unique so find your own personal “happy place”.

Use Raynaud's Symptom Relief Cream twice per day to help keep blood vessels open and keep your skin conditioned.

TREAT a Raynaud’s attack by:

Take a warm bath or shower that could include a relaxing bath oil.  De-stressing while warming the skin is a multi-approach counterattack.

Drink a warm beverage such as a hot tea.  Not only will it warm your hands, but it will help warm your body core.

Reapply Raynaud's Symptom Relief Cream to the affected areas, making sure not to forget to include the forearms and calves.  It’s important to address the areas of the body where the blood vessels are beginning to constrict.

REPEAT the daily routine!

Just because you are diligent for a period of time and see results does not mean that you should stop.  As we all know, Raynaud’s Syndrome cannot be cured, but the symptoms can be controlled and you can find relief!  Seriously, NO JOKE!

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