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Get Rid of Impetigo Fast: Our Safe Natural Impetigo Relief Cream is Specifically designed to target the symptoms of Impetigo and help quickly clear all Impetigo related issues quickly and effectively. Our Impetigo specific formulation of natural oils an herbs are designed to handle acute and chronic Impetigo quickly and safely.

Helps Dry Up Contagious Sores and Ease The Impetigo Itch:  Typically Impetigo generates red, itchy sores that break open and leak a clear fluid or pus. This fluid is what spreads the condition to you and to others so it is important to heal these sores as fast as possible. Tamed Organics Impetigo Cream helps dry them up faster and eases Itching that leads to scratching which can cause, scars and lead to the spread of the condition to other parts of your body and others.

Works Quickly: Because of the unique characteristics of our formula most people gain itch relief almost instantly ( continue to use as needed ) and find that the sores crust over and stop oozing in a matter of 1 to 3 days depending on your level of infection and you level of diligence in applying the formula.

Anti Scarring Formulation:  Because of the anti itch properties and also the healing properties in our natural formula, Tamed Organics Impetigo cream will help minimalize the potential scarring effects from impetigo and is safe for use long after the infection has dried up as sores are healing.

Use as a Preventive: Often Impetigo is spread by close contact such as sports and other physical contact.  if you feel you have been in contact with someone infected with impetigo the best and first advice is to wash the area toughly. That said our safe natural Impetigo Cream can safely be applied to areas of contact to help ward off a potential infection.  This cream is great to keep in your gym bag for that reason.

Our safe natural plant based formula does not contain GMOs. Parabens. Petroleum Products. Paraffin. Mineral Oil. Shellfish Products, Yeast, Dairy, Gluten, Corn. Soy, Wheat, Titanium Dioxide or Peanuts. COMPLETELY SAFE. HYPOALLERGENIC.  Using Impetigo Cream, quickly cleanses Impetigo and all Impetigo Scars.

✅ We offer a full 100% 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if you are unsatisfied.

✅ Also can be used in Impetigo Bandage  

✅ STOP's Itching, Fungus, Bad Odor from becoming Serious Issues.  keeps your skin Healthy, Clean at all times and STOPS growth of germs 24/7.