Dupuytren's Contracture Natural Treatment Cream

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Tamed Organic's Dupuytren’s Treatment Cream was developed as an effective natural, non-invasive solution for those afflicted with Dupuytren’s Contracture.

Reduce or eliminate the need for Needles, Injections, or surgery!

Here is how it works

Dupuytren causes scarring of the fascia tissue underneath the skin which leads to creating raised nodules and “pits” in the palms.  Over time these come together to form a cord of scar tissue that pull the fingers (most often the ring finger) into a bent position.

Dupuytren’s Cream uses a combination of highly effective and targeted natural Oils and anti-inflammatory agents to slow down the progress of Dupuytren's. our formula targets Dupuytren's from many angles to provide a complete holistic solution to the problem. Our combined formula does the following 

  • Tissue Conditioning - Fights to keep your tissues healthy and elastic to fight the finger pull of Dupuytren's
  • Cell Regenerative - Helps the body to naturally recover as you do daily stretches and exercises to combat Dupuytren's.
  • Softening - Keeps nodules and cords soft
  • Eases inflammation and discomfort
  • Anti-Scarring - Dupuytren's in part is a form of scarring, so we have included some of the best anti-scarring properties naturally available in our formulation. Bonus: Got Scars? Try this cream on all of your scars and see improvement over time! 
  • Deep Penetrating - The secret to the success of our Cream!  our unique blend penetrates the skin's Natural Protective Barrier for increased effectiveness.- Our blend contains natural properties that assist in penetrating the skin's natural protective barrier to reach deep into fascia tissue under the skin delivering the most effective treatment we can offer.


For best results, massage Tamed Organics Dupuytren's Treatment Cream vigorously into the affected area 2 times per day and or when performing doctor-recommended exercises.