Extreme Scabies Relief Cream (4 Fl Oz)

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Tackle your scabies treatment aggressively with our Pure Plant-Based Extreme Scabies Relief Cream! Harnessing the healing power of nature, our cream is meticulously crafted from a synergistic blend of botanical ingredients renowned for their skin-calming effects. Say goodbye to the discomfort and itching caused by scabies as you indulge in the calming comfort of our cream.

Our Extreme Relief Scabies Cream Formulation ensures an effective healthy stress-free treatment experience.  Gentle on your skin, yet highly effective against Scabies mites and their eggs, Extreme Scabies Relief Cream will  help you avoid further irritation while quickly aiding you in easing those aggravating Scabies symptoms and fostering a speedy recovery. Tamed Organics Extreme Scabies Relief Cream delivers a powerful smooth consistency that allows for hassle-free application, targeting affected areas deeply and effectively with precision  getting you on the road to recovery.

Why Choose Our Extreme Scabies Relief Cream?

  1. Proven Natural Plant Based Cream Solution: Utilizing well known proven natural ingredients, our cream utilizes the power of nature to provide relief without harsh chemicals.

  2. Skin Calming and Effective: Don't compromise on effectiveness. Our cream is formulated to provide gentle care while delivering the strong fast deep penetrating relief you need.

  3. Great for the Entire Family: From adults to children over 2, our family-friendly cream is a powerful safe solution for the entire household. Note: We recommend children under 2 not be treated with this product out of an abundance of caution as their systems are more delicate. Always spot test for allergies before use on anyone.

  4. Our Guarantee is Unbeatable:  While most people see results very quickly if you use our product as directed for 90 days with out improvement you will get your money back.

How Much Cream will I Need?

Scabies can be difficult to clear and presents considerably differently from person to person with some folks having a small isolated area and others having a more extreme reaction and much larger infestation.  In all cases the aggravating irritation and itch is difficult to deal with.

Likely 1 bottle of Extreme Scabies Relief Cream can treat most small isolated outbreaks, but multiple bottles will likely be needed if your outbreak is in a larger or multiple areas.  

Scabies is also highly spreadable so we recommend that each family member have their own bottle of scabies cream.